Technical Requirements

Here are the technical requirements for using the iCarpool app.


– iPhone 5 and up with iOS version 7.0 and above
– Android 4.0 and above
– Windows Phone 8.1 and above

Data Connectivity

Data connectivity is required to use the app. Every cellular network has different service areas in each city and most carriers have dead spots where there is no coverage – if you are unable to use the app in a select area in the city, move to a location that has cell/WiFi data connectivity and use the app. The data needs of the app are minimal regardless of whether you use the app as a driver or as a rider. The estimated data consumption is up to 3 MB in one month. So don’t worry about how much data iCarpool could use up on your cellular data network.

App Permissions

The app requires and uses GPS so we can deliver relevant matches based on your location. If you are a rider, the app gets your GPS location when you are searching for a ride. If you are a driver, the app gets your GPS location when you are offering rides to potential riders. Once the trip completes, the app stops receiving your GPS location.

The iCarpool service uses push notifications to inform you of various events such as a new match available, a booked ride or a cancelled ride. There are no marketing messages sent. The service only sends notifications based on events that are relevant to requests you have made in the iCarpool app.