Rules of the Road

Awesome you decided to check out iCarpool and ride in a carpool! Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your iCarpool experience.

– Your driver is most likely your neighbor or your colleague. By carpooling, they’re doing something awesome for the community and the planet. Respect that.
– Remember, this ain’t taxi. Expect the same privileges as your friends would offer when they drive you and be ready to return the same privileges to the driver as you would to a friend.
– Be on time for your pickup.
– If you must cancel, do it as early as possible.
– If you have more stuff than what you can take as your cabin luggage when you fly, use a taxi instead.
– Never offer cash. iCarpool is cashless for a number of reasons. Remember this ain’t taxi – there’s no tipping.
– Treat your driver’s car, time and energy with respect.
– Always wear your seatbelt.
– No smoking when in a carpool.
– Don’t break any laws.
– If something doesn’t feel right, ask the driver first. If they can’t help, contact iCarpool Support. If you have an emergency or you encounter an issue related to law enforcement, take all measures to protect yourself and contact the appropriate authorities.

Be super cool to your fellow carpoolers and you might make a new friend. Have fun, be safe and enjoy the ride. And remember to share the news! The bigger the community gets, the better it gets for everyone.