The Problem

Driving is expensive and the average commuting cost for people who drive to work has risen to $6,200 per year with many people paying even more. With gas prices set to remain at a high and other costs such as tolls and parking adding up, there’s no relief in sight. For decades, carpooling has promised a solution that could solve these problems. Traditionally, carpooling has required a fixed group of people who commit to meet at a fixed time at a fixed place every day. But a fixed carpooling arrangement doesn’t meet today’s demands of flexible working hours and unpredictable schedules. As a result, despite the higher cost, about 70% Americans drive alone to work. The cars on the road add to the local traffic congestion and automobile emissions add to air pollution. Congestion

iCarpool – What is it?

Sustainability iCarpool is a flexible carpooling app. Unlike a conventional carpool, iCarpool has no fixed groups of carpoolers nor is there a schedule associated with the carpool. During their commute, drivers pickup and drop-off riders along their way. Riders pay a small fee and get point-to-point transportation in a comfortable car. Drivers are able to get a cost reimbursement and possibly save time using the HOV lanes. Everybody does good for the environment and has fun! iCarpool uses a share-the-expense carpool model and riders pay a small fee that starts as low as $1.50 per trip that is used to reimburse drivers towards their expense of the trip. It’s several times cheaper than taxi and other ride-for-hire services and works out as a viable option for commute so it could be used daily.

During the past few years, the transportation industry has undergone some changes with mobile phone based apps creating a new model for transportation. Today’s commuters want and expect mobility options on their phone at the tap of a button. However ride for hire apps and TNC providers are too expensive to use as a commute option every day. That’s where iCarpool comes in. iCarpool provides the convenient flexible mobility option that can be accessed with the tap of a button from a phone with pricing more like public transit that commuters can afford to use every day.

Benefits of launching a flexible carpooling program

If you’re a transportation planner, chances are you would have many more reasons to promote flexible carpooling. We might be stating the obvious here – but here are a few anyway.
– Provide an affordable, flexible mobility option
– Reduce single occupant vehicles on the road thereby positively impacting traffic and the environment
– Reduce parking demand
– Improve access to public transit
– Engage the community in being a part of a sustainable solution

Why iCarpool?

Every feature of the iCarpool app is designed from the ground up to provide for a sustainable, flexible carpooling program. Unlike other ride sharing products, with iCarpool’s unique stop based matching, drivers do not need to do any extra driving or waiting. With features that allow last minute scheduling and full control and choice of each carpool, it is the friendliest carpooling app.

Feature Other Products iCarpool
Flexibility Requires riders and drivers to know their schedules up to a week in advance. Requires riders and drivers to know their schedule just for the next trip and only a few hours in advance.
Last minute No last minute scheduling option. Can schedule minutes before.
Extra driving Drivers drive extra and make detours for pickup and drop-off that adds to their commute time and distance. No extra driving. All riders join along the route.
Choice Automated matching doesn’t let commuters choose their carpool. Commuters always choose their carpool. Puts commuters in control of their carpool.
Rigidity Drivers have to accept giving rides even if the rides have long detours. Riders pay for cancellation. Drivers and riders can say no if required. No cancellation fees.

iCarpool and public transit

While iCarpool is not a public transit system, it may be used to complement public transit in cases such as there is no route to meet demand, the schedule of a particular route is infrequent, reduced services or excess demand along a corridor. It can also be used to help commuters access public transit with flexible carpool programs providing mobility to and from park and rides and transit centers.

With costs starting out as low as $1.50 per trip, iCarpool is much less expensive than ride for hire services and can provide a viable option that is complementary to public transit. If you’re an agency looking to complement public transit with a peer-to-peer model, talk to us and find out how we can help.


iCarpool is a plug and play solution. The technology and support are fully managed by iCarpool – there’s no technical requirement or administration overhead for the agency.
We’re inviting agency partners looking to launch flexible carpooling in their area. Contact us today.
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