Turn wasted empty seats on vanpools into a flexible mobility option providing extra revenue

Ok, so you have a great vanpool program with many vanpools running between residential communities, park and rides, transit centers and employer worksites. How many of these vanpools are full when on the road? Our findings indicate 80% of vanpools have excess capacity with two or more empty, unoccupied seats on every trip. The empty seats are a wasted resource moving along our roadways.
iCarpool’s FlexVanpool program allows you to turn this wasted resource into a flexible mobility option. Our unique stop based matching allows your vanpools to turn their existing vanpool stops into rider pickup/drop-off locations for riders matched via the app. Vanpool drivers do not need to do any extra driving or waiting when participating in FlexVanpool. FlexVanpool can help your program with providing much needed flexibility that commuters require while reducing folds, boosting ridership and improving the customer experience.

How FlexVanpool can help your program

Vanpool Route Today, commuters want mobility options on their phone at the tap of a button. FlexVanpool helps you bring the latest technology to your vanpool program with a familiar app based experience inline with the latest moves in the transportation industry. The technology can also help with other needs of the program.
– Boost ridership : The app provides a new flexible option for riders who can’t commit to a vanpool because of their changing schedule or occasional use. Instead of staying out of the vanpool program, these riders can now ride on vanpools on an as needed basis.
– Add flexibility to existing riders : If a vanpool rider’s schedule changes and they can’t join their vanpool, they can ride on other vanpools running the same route. With flexible work hours and last minute deadlines, this option gives much needed flexibility to the vanpool experience.
– Convert wasted resources into a mobility option : Many vanpools have empty seats. Vanpool drivers can open up these empty seats using the app. Cashless payments from the rider may help offset vanpool payments, out-of-pocket costs for parking and provide an incentive to the vanpool driver for continued participation.

How it works

Drivers have the freedom to open empty seats every day, occasionally or just one way. Riders have the freedom to use every day, occasionally or just one way.
– The vanpool driver uses the iCarpool app to open empty seats to additional riders.
– Riders matched via the iCarpool app are notified and can then book a ride on the vanpool.
– Vanpool drivers do not need to do any extra driving or waiting – existing vanpool stops turn into FlexVanpool stops.
– Cashless payment at the end of each ride are applied to rider accounts.
– Accurate GPS based data collection happens for every trip and is available via monthly reports provided by iCarpool.

Plug and play solution

FlexVanpool is a plug and play solution for vanpool providers. The technology and support are fully managed by iCarpool – there’s no technical requirement or administration overhead for the provider. Start immediately by plugging in any number of vanpools in the FlexVanpool program [minimum 10].
We’re inviting agencies and employers looking to pilot Flex Vanpool. Contact us today.