Flexible carpooling for your company

Reduce employee commute costs, emissions, parking demand

Are your employees suffering from long commute times and high commute cost? Public transit not working out for some employees? Running out of parking spots? Or maybe as an organization, you want to demonstrate leadership in responsibility towards the environment and reduce CO2 emissions by promoting alternative modes? If your goal is to improve employee commute, we have some good news! The iCarpool platform has solutions that can be customized specific to your needs.

What is it?
iCarpool is a flexible carpooling app that helps employees find, connect and carpool with others going their way. You already have employees who prefer to drive to work. These employees have empty seats that are moving between your office locations deep into residential communities and past major thoroughfare points. Use iCarpool to turn these empty seats into a flexible mobility option for employees who prefer to ride. Carpooling is a direct point-to-point option that can save effort, time and money and that reaches places public transit does not.

Benefits of launching a flexible carpooling program for employees

Carpoolers Long commute times and solo driving is correlated with stress and lower job satisfaction. Employer parking costs are on the rise. What’s more – today’s commuters want and expect mobility options on their phone at the tap of a button. We understand employee transportation programs have challenging goals under limited budget. iCarpool can help.
– Lower stress associated with commute, reduce attrition and increase employee satisfaction
– Reduce commute time and enable cost savings
– Reduce parking demand to lower parking cost
– Provide employees increased mobility options
– Position employer as leader helping employees and environment

Why iCarpool?

Every feature of the iCarpool app is designed from the ground up to provide for a sustainable, flexible carpooling program. Unlike other ride sharing products, with iCarpool’s unique stop based matching, drivers do not need to do any extra driving or waiting. With features that allow last minute scheduling and full control and choice of each carpool, it is the friendliest carpooling app.

Feature Other Products iCarpool
Flexibility Requires riders and drivers to know their schedules up to a week in advance. Requires riders and drivers to know their schedule just for the next trip and only a few hours in advance.
Last minute No last minute scheduling option. Can schedule minutes before.
Extra driving Drivers drive extra and make detours for pickup and drop-off that adds to their commute time and distance. No extra driving. All riders join along the route.
Choice Automated matching doesn’t let employees choose their carpool. Employees always choose their carpool. Puts employees in control of their carpool.
Rigidity Drivers have to accept giving rides even if the rides have long detours. Riders pay for cancellation. Drivers and riders can say no if required. No cancellation fees, no penalties.

We’re a small company. Could flexible carpooling work for us?

We built the iCarpool app with you in mind. Even if you’re a small company, you may have other companies next door. Chances are – there are employees at these neighboring companies who could match with your employees. iCarpool pools neighboring employers together to enable flexible carpooling for employers of any size. So go ahead, reach out to us and let us help you get your carpools off the ground.


iCarpool is a plug and play solution. The technology and support are fully managed by iCarpool – there’s no technical requirement or administration overhead for the employer.
We’re inviting employer partners looking to launch flexible carpooling in their company.
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