Driver Requirements

Thanks for your interest in joining our driver community! We’d love to talk to you about driving on the iCarpool platform and encourage you to apply.
Important – Currently, iCarpool is in a limited release and available in select areas and for select employers.

Check Your Eligibility

– Have a compatible Android Phone or iPhone
– At least 21 years old
– Have a clean and well maintained car
– Have a valid license to drive in your state
– Must have held a valid driver’s license for the past 1 year
– Driving record must meet driving record requirements
– Insurance fully complying with your state’s requirements with your name on the policy
– Work or attend college or university in the area (you must have a current email address with the organization)

How To Apply

– Download the iCarpool app and sign up
– Set your profile image to a nice close up picture of yourself
– Set your employer in the app
– Fill out the driver signup form: Driver Signup Form
– Send the documents needed to process your application to

Documents Needed To Process Your Application

We will ask these documents when we process your application.
– Your state DMV record
– Two pictures of your car (preferably one front and one side view)

Driving Record Requirements

– Have had no more than two “incidents” (moving violations or accidents) in the past three years and no more than one in the past 18 months
– Have had no alcohol or drug related violations in the past seven years
– No serious at fault incidents on your driving record for the past 3 years
>Excessive speed (20 mph or more over speed limit)
>Operating to endanger, reckless driving, etc.
>Leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage
>Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked license
>Speeding in a school zone (or similar events)
– No suspension or revocation of driver’s license within the past five years