Driver Eligibility

Thanks for your interest in joining our driver community! We’d love to talk to you about driving on the iCarpool platform and encourage you to apply.

Check Your Eligibility

– Have an Android 4.0 or later, iPhone 4 or later or Windows 8.1 Phone
– At least 21 years old
– Have a clean and well maintained car
– Have a valid license to drive in your state
– Must have held a valid driver’s license for the past 1 year
– Driving record must meet driving record requirements
– Insurance fully complying with your state’s requirements with your name on the policy
– Work or attend college or university in the area (you must have a current email address with the organization)

Driving Record Requirements

– Have had no more than two “incidents” (moving violations or accidents) in the past three years and no more than one in the past 18 months
– Have had no alcohol or drug related violations in the past seven years
– No serious at fault incidents on your driving record for the past 3 years
>Excessive speed (20 mph or more over speed limit)
>Operating to endanger, reckless driving, etc.
>Leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage
>Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked license
>Speeding in a school zone (or similar events)
– No suspension or revocation of driver’s license within the past five years