City of Redmond teams up with iCarpool

City of Redmond has teamed up with iCarpool to promote the app in Redmond. The iCarpool app will provide a new “real-time” peer-to-peer mobility option. Unlike a conventional carpool, iCarpool has no fixed groups of carpoolers nor is there a schedule associated with the carpool. During their commute, drivers pickup and drop-off riders along their way and the carpooling is coordinated just minutes before the trip using smart phones and the iCarpool app.

The city will be coordinating events and working with employers to reach out to commuters so they can learn about the new app and sign up. Also commuters working in the select areas in Redmond including SE Redmond and the Willows Road corridor may qualify for incentives that are being offered by the city. These incentives together with the incentives on offer from iCarpool are aimed at starting “instant carpools” through the iCarpool app.

More information on the City of Redmond promotion of iCarpool is available at